Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You Will Love This

Too many invites and can't make a choice from your closet?
Well, this does not mean you dont have the best bag to carry.
Gone are those days where it didn't matter what kind of bag you carried.
Designer bags are now a must have whatever the
size may be, big
or small.
But it sure does make a difference if they are
big and can hold all.

Via: nordstrom

Are You In Love With Waistcoats, Just Check This Out

Waistcoats are styling up this month. They help nip your waist making it appear slimmer, they also help tuck your tummy in. Also they give life to a simple outfit and are best worn over a vest or shirt even though they can be worn alone

Via: cgi.ebay

Thursday, June 01, 2006

In For The Season

A-line skirts are called such because they're fitted at the top and get wider towards the hem. You could use a jacket or a nice shirt in wearing it.They look great on a variety of figures, including those that are bottom heavy, curvy, have a bit of a tummy, or broad shoulders.

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