Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Border & Engineered Hawaiian Shirts

Border and Engineered Hawaiian shirts have a design that goes across the shirt to form a continuous image. Most border print shirts have designs that repeat every 10-12 inches while engineered prints repeat every 18 inches as you go from one side to the other. The better-made shirts (including all of these below) are carefully made so that the artwork "matches" so that when the shirt is buttoned, the pattern flows seemlessly from one side of the shirt to the other. If the design happens to go across the bottom of the shirt, they may be called a Bottom Design Hawaiian shirt. Traditionally, because of the extra skill and effort involved with creating a quality border Hawaiian shirt, it was considered rude to tuck it in. The shirt should be worn untucked to show off
the complete design as if displaying a piece of artwork.

Via: hawaiianoutpost

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