Thursday, February 23, 2006

Your Briefcase For The Season

You are an upwardly mobile executive; you take your job seriously; you dress the part, but... are you carrying the right briefcase? The type of briefcase that you carry around for business says a lot about you. It determines how you are seen by the people you come in contact with in your line of work, especially those you are meeting for the first time. If you carry one that commands respect on its own, this is sure to rub off on you and you are sure to be respected even more. It is not just enough to carry any type of briefcase,but rather, it has to be one that speaks for you even before you open your mouth. If there is only one luxury item you can afford, let it be your briefcase. "The best of the range are made from calf skin,lamb skin, crocodile skin and lizard skin and these come in a variety.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Assesories Just For You

Specialising in beautiful accessories, Shoo is an international fashion magazine which brings you the best of this season's selections.

If you sigh over the sight of beautiful diamonds, sparkling rubies and gorgeous emeralds from De Beers, Cartier or Tiffany, then come and satisfy your imagination with Shoo.

And where better to keep all your must-have essentials than in the latest designer handbag.

It's for stylish, confident women who are grown-up enough to know that good designer bags are an investment.

It is all about luxury shoes and bags just for you.


Emma Hope is one of the UK's most original and well known shoe designers producing well designed and beautifully made shoes. Emma Hope has designed shoes for Paul Smith, Anna Sui, Mulberry, Georgina von Etzdorf, Nicole Farhi, Jean Muir and Betty Jackson. Emma Hope's shoes are widely available in England and throughout Europe, with outlets in France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Switzerland, Italy and Austria - can also be found in America, Hong Kong, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Australia.